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Hotel Boredom 01


I was in Virginia this past week for work and got bored in the hotel room one night. Thank goodness for bringing along some Copic markers! About 30 mins in an 8×10 watercolor sketchbook.

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Get in the house, Carl…


Been swamped with some work but took about thirty minutes tonight to do a sketch badass zombie killer, Daryl Dixon from, “The Walking Dead”.  I’m not fully caught up (like I said, I’ve been swamped) so no spoilers!

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Quick sketch of Frank Castle, aka “The Punisher”. I always thought he had an interesting story.  Ex-Special Forces who had his entire family murdered in front of him so he becomes the ultimate anti-hero who dispenses his own brand of justice and well, punishment.  This was done on a scrap piece of thin cardboard insert (the stuff used in packaging …

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TR-1 Pilot


Quick gouache painting done in my sketchbook (so about 5×7) of a TR-1 Pilot. They are a really weird looking spy plane from the 80’s that my dad actually used to work on! They could/would fly so high in the atmosphere that the pilot actually had to wear these modified astronaut suits.

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Young Boxer


Quick watercolor sketch of young boxer. I’ve always loved contact/combat sports and it really blows my mind that some of the great boxers started out so young.

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Samurai Sketch


Samurai armor is pretty amazing. So very intricate, but still retaining the ability to protect. Beautiful helmets and face plates too. They are a treasure of inspiration (they even influenced the look of Darth Vader!).

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RIP Opie


I’m a huge fan of the show, “Sons of Anarchy”. Just a quick sketch remembering “Opie”.

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You talkin’ to me?


Quickie from the sketchbook…

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I’ve been experimenting with a fantastic piece of software called Alchemy. It’s designed for the the silhouette process in developing characters, vehicles, etc. It allows you to create random shapes as a basis to start exploring design. Best of all.. it’s FREE! I highly recommend it. This isn’t what it is really supposed to be used for but I was …

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